10 Nov 2019 – Business Events & News

Hello Adelaide business owners, here are your events for the next two weeks!

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03 Nov 2019 – Business Events & News

Hello Adelaide business owners, here are your events for the next two weeks!

Unfortunately we’ve been unable to send the last two editions of our weekly email as Mailchimp has decided to suspend our account for no apparent reason and their compliance department hasn’t responded to our case for nearly 10 days. So while we’re getting that sorted out, we’ll be posting the weekly event digest here on the blog.


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Coworking at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside

We were lucky enough to visit the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside recently for one of our regular Jelly Coworking Meetups. The AHBC provides a range of excellent facilities, services and events including meeting rooms, media production room, business meetups and the coworking space. They have a nice location in Woodside, right across the road from the Lobethal Bakery.

We had a nice turnout of 7 local hills businesses for our jelly event and we all enjoyed the space very much. We went to lunch together at Avalon which was great.

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Coworking at the Adelaide Business Hub (Todd Street, Port Adelaide)

One of our regular Jelly venues is the Adelaide Business Hub in Todd Street, Port Adelaide. The business hub has several great services for small businesses and startups including meeting rooms, discounted consulting, business support, serviced offices and coworking in the Hub Lounge, which is where our jellies are held.

Our Jelly meetups here are always good fun. Lately we’ve been going to the Greek Restaurant, about 15 mins walk away, for lunch which is fantastic.

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Todd Street Business Lounge

Jelly Coworking Adelaide Business Hub

Adelaide Business Hub Todd Street

Adelaide Business Hub Todd Street

Adelaide Business Hub Todd Street

Adelaide Business Hub Todd Street

Todd Street Business Lounge

Todd Street Business Lounge


Coworking at Servcorp Adelaide

Servcorp were kind enough the host us for the latest Jelly at their location at the top of Westpac House – the tallest building in Adelaide. Traditionally Servcorp have been leaders in serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms but they’ve recently started offering coworking, although certainly with a more “traditional office” feel than some of the other spaces we’ve visited. The facilities are excellent, the staff are very friendly and professional and the views amazing (see photos below).

Our turnout for this meetup was a little low with only 5 people attending but it was still a great day, helped along by our excellent hosts who gave us free jelly! We had a great lunch at the Banana Leaf Indian restaurant on Currie Street.

Servcorp also have regular networking events which you should find in our calendar and weekly events email.

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Servcorp Adelaide Wifi Speed

Eating Jelly at Jelly

Servcorp Adelaide Boardroom

View from the top of Westpac House


10 Reasons Why Co-working Will Benefit your Business

I’m sure you’ve heard of co-working. Freelancers visit these designated workspaces for the day to curb their “cabin fever” or when their local coffee shop is too distracting.

The good news is co-working isn’t just for freelancers. People don’t want to work in tiny cubicles anymore. Co-working, surrounded by dozens of passionate people, is the future of how business is going to be done. Whether you’re an independent business owner with a small start-up, a contract worker or you’ve got a flexible boss, you could benefit from co-working.

Here are 10 reasons why.

10 Reasons Why Co-working Will Benefit your Business

1. Meet new people

Co-working spaces typically have hundreds of members – which means you have access to all of these diverse business people. Being a freelancer, a contract worker or a remote worker doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. If you’re looking for advice, seeking inspiration or wanting to validate your ideas, you can do it at a co-working space. Think of a co-working space more in the relationships you’ll build, rather than just the space itself!

2. Support

While working from home is great, it can get lonely. Co-working is a flexible, social option to help you feel like you’re still “part of a team.” Renting a co-working desk allows you to work independently either in an open or private office surrounded with like minded groups and individuals collaborating with each other.

3. Professional meeting space

If you work from home, it makes it difficult to meet clients. Yes, you could go to their office or meet in a café, but it doesn’t exactly scream “professional.” Becoming a member of a co-working space means you have access to meeting rooms, big and small, to entertain your clients. You’ll also have access to technical support if you have any issues.

4. Ongoing professional development

Most co-working spaces run weekly events for members – and the public – to build upon their knowledge and network. Guest speakers come in and talk about business topics such as marketing, creativity, productivity, building a team etc. These events are a great way to stay connected, especially if you only use the space sparingly.

5. Work-life balance

Having a separate space to work from, aside from your home, can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working non-stop if you’re working from home – blurring the lines between work and your personal time. Using a co-working space will give you a dedicated place to complete your work. Plus, you’ll have fewer distractions so you’re more time efficient.

6. Find clients

You’re probably not going to find clients sitting at home – but in a co-working space you might. Lets say you’re a freelance graphic designer and there’s a web developer in the space too. You could team up with them and cross-promote each other. For example, when their clients need a developer, you recommend him – and vice versa.

7. Access to equipment

Do you need a printer or scanner for your business but you can’t justify buying it because you simply won’t use it enough? Co-working spaces have all the equipment you need to run your business – without the investment. You’ll have access to the latest technology, in return for your membership fee.

8. Save money

Renting a co-working space is much cheaper than a full office. Depending on the space, co-working can cost as little as $10 per day. Compare that to the cost of a 1-2 year office lease and the choice is easy!

9. Give back

Having access to not only shared space but also resources like mentors and peer-to-peer support is invaluable – irrespective of what industry you’re in. Having someone to support you through your journey and to be accountable to one of the biggest benefits of being a member of a co-working space.

Grab a list of all the members and reach out to the ones you think there might be opportunity to collaborate. It could be something as simple as grabbing a coffee and talking about any business challenges, and setting goals.

10. Have fun!

Many people who work in a 9-5 job find friendships in their co-workers – sharing morning coffees and talking about weekend plans. Once you leave this kind of environment, it’s natural that you’ll interact less with people. By joining a co-working space, you can bring that social aspect back into your work life.

Co-working in Adelaide

Adelaide is spoilt for choice for people looking to try co-working. You’ve got Hub Adelaide, Majoran Distillery, That Space, Sass Place and eNVIsion – just to name a few. You can visit all of these spaces and more by joining the Adelaide Jelly Coworking meetup group.


Coworking at Majoran (Jelly)

Majoran is one of our favourite coworking spaces to visit and it was great being back there again for the latest Jelly Meetup. Majoran is Adelaide’s coworking community for the tech and creative freelancer communities and startups. One of the best things about this space is the amazing community and events schedule. I’ve been along to many events hosted at Majoran in the past and met some great people and the coworking space is always welcoming and has a fantastic location. They also have a casual and friendly Friday night drinks which a few of us joined in on.

We had some new faces this time around which was also great. If you want to get involved in the coworking scene in Adelaide and try out the different spaces, join us at the next Adelaide Jelly Coworking meetup.

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Coworking at Majoran


Translating Great English Copy into Chinese

Copywriting is an important part of your online and offline marketing strategies. As you expand your business into new markets you might need to translate your copy into different languages. With the Chinese market being so big and so close by I invited my friend Jasmine Yow to write a guest post about English – Chinese translation which might help Adelaide businesses. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with Jasmine! – Nick

With the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) opening new doors for Australian companies to do business with China, good Chinese copywriting is becoming essential for businesses wanting to reach Chinese consumers.

Effective translation and localisation are keys to boosting brand awareness in the Chinese market.

Here’s two bilingual copywriting traps your company should be aware of:

English - Chinese Translation

#1: Doing a literal translation

You’ve spent a lot of money developing an excellent marketing campaign. Now just hire someone to translate it, and it’ll work equally well in Chinese, right? Wrong.

Coca-Cola’s brand name, when first marketed in China, was sometimes translated as “Bite The Wax Tadpole“. Not good! On the flip side, a list of well-translated Chinese brand names that have completely resonated with the public can be found here, courtesy of Business Insider.

Thinking of using Google Translate to produce business-critical content? Here are examples from personal experience of how things can go very wrong.

#2 Doing all your thinking in English

If you’re a business owner keen to work in the Australia-China space, it is helpful to engage a Chinese branding and marketing consultant early on to develop ideas that will work well in both languages.

Thinking about appealing to the sensibilities of two different audiences at the start will enable you to develop workable material with much more room for flexibility down the track.

Keeping these two tips in mind can save you a lot of angst.

Jasmine is an English/Chinese copywriter-translator, with a gift for distilling concepts and communicating creatively. Having lived and worked in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, she is passionate about connecting people across cultures and telling fresh stories across different mediums. She dances with words when her feet fail to take off.

Jasmine’s Links: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook | Weibo | Wechat: +61430043215


10 of the Best Coffee Shops in Adelaide to Work From

Speciality coffee shops are popping up around town by the dozen, thanks to Adelaide’s new “yeah we’re just as cool as you Melbourne” street movement – where coffee is more than a morning fix, it’s an experience. Independent, edgier cafes mean every experience is different – a breath of fresh air to the idea of a coffee shop experience.

10 Excellent Coffee Shops to Work From

This is great news for freelancers! You can now do your work from a cosy interesting café, taking in all of its senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and hear. Here’s our cream of the cap (crop*):

1. UR Café

Tucked comfortably in a pocket on the cosmopolitan Melbourne Street, North Adelaide is a cafe, but not just any cafe. With its art-covered brick walls, funky vintage hanging lights, retro furnishing and mismatched decor, UR cafe is a mecca for the arty. Even the menu is displayed with a creative flair, plastered in chalk over a sidewall. Not one table is the same as the next – take your pick out of the stools, deck chairs or comfy couch on offer. Books line each window-seal and aluminium-tinned flowers occupy each table. The coffee cups are big and flamboyant, the only way coffee should be drunk.

Address: 117 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

Parking: Plenty of street parking nearby

Wifi: Yes – the password is at the counter

Visit their Facebook

2. Loose Caboose

This cosy café is the result of a converted old railway station. Watch the trains go by as you sip on your soy latte. The breakfast is delicious – the baked eggs will get your brain cooking for the day. It’s the perfect winter café to cosy into – but it’s also great in summer with its outdoor deck.

Address: 21 First Street, Hindmarsh

Parking: Plenty of street parking nearby

Wifi: No – just use your hotspot

Visit their Facebook

3. Pure Boutique

Headhunted as one of the top 100 cafes in Australia, there’s no wondering why. This late night café is bringing people to Glenelg’s Jetty Road in flocks, even in the winter. This buzzing coffee spot is a great place to work if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of movement around you. Make sure you get in early to avoid missing a table – and don’t forget your headphones.

Address: 34 Jetty Road, Glenelg

Parking: plenty of street parking nearby

Wifi: Yes – the password is at the counter

Visit their Facebook

4. Pickle in the Middle

This new café to call Unley Road home is a mecca for the creative, with its bight yellow colours, plant life and quirky lighting. There’s plenty of side streets close by for parking, so find table up at the back for some privacy, or grab a spot on the communal long table looking out to the street. Pickle in the Middle blends minimalism and a steady flow of people coming in to keep you feeding, long after you’ve eaten.

Address: 134 Unley Road, Unley

Parking: Plenty of street parking nearby

Wifi: No – just use your hotspot

Visit their Facebook

5. Jarmer’s Kitchen

Don’t be fooled by the name – Jarmer’s Kitchen is a café/restaurant. With it’s exposed wall tiles, draped lighting and open-style kitchen, you feel like you’re working in a new café by day/restaurant by night hotspot New York’s experimental Brooklyn. Jarmer’s Kitchen is great to work in because of its relaxed vibe and it’s easy to score one of its many tables (and not feeling bad for taking up one).

Address: 18 Park Terrace, Bowden

Parking: Side car park – 2-hour limit

Wifi: No – just use your hotspot

Visit their Facebook

6. Paddy’s Lantern

Reading a review about a warehouse-style café, I visited Adelaide’s somewhat sleepy Gilbert Street where I found Paddy’s Lantern. Entering the café, I could tell it wasn’t a secret – with its steady food traffic of coffee goers. It’s easy for freelancers to grab a spot on the timber communal table and stay for the day. Once the morning rush passes, the place is peaceful and you can enjoy listening to employee banter. The servings are huge and the coffee won’t be a let down.

Address: 219 Gilbert Street, Adelaide

Parking: Gilbert Street or its many side streets

Wifi: No – just use your hotspot

Visit their Facebook

7. Bar9

A coffee circuit around Adelaide wouldn’t be complete without visiting Bar9 – the leaders in the speciality coffee scene. There are so many spots you can choose to sit – the long communal tables in the middle of the action, the tables nestled around the walkways or in the corner by the window. The staff is attentive and they know how to make a good brew. If you like the busier style cafes, Bar9 is perfect for you.

Address: 96 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside

Parking: Plenty of street parking nearby

Wifi: Yes – ask for the password

Visit their Facebook

8. Minestra

Probably one of Adelaide’s less known independent cafes – but certainly not less notable – is Minestra. Driving down Churchill Road, you’ll have to look twice or you’ll miss it, but once you find it you won’t be sorry. It’s a small place but get in before the lunch rush and you won’t battle to find a table. Choose from the 4 small tables or the big communal timber table with magazines and other fun necessities. You won’t pay more than $3 for a coffee and the food is also reasonably priced. They’re not afraid to play 90’s indie classics, to perfectly match the retro, arty décor.

Address: 123 Churchill Road, Prospect

Parking: Side street car parking a breeze

Wifi: Yes – ask for the password

Visit their Facebook

9. Rosey’s

A great alternative to the busy cafes along Unley Road, Rosey’s is great for freelancers. With its hanging bottles and eclectic art on the interior and its quirky garden on the outside, Rosey’s is a café like no other in Adelaide.

Address: 139 Unley Road, Unley

Parking: Find a car park on a side street

Wifi: No – just use your hotspot

Visit their Facebook

10. Café Komodo

Two words – retro wonderland. Another to grace the streets of the city’s inner north is Café Komodo. This café is so funky with its colourful vinyl wall, vintage furniture and outdoor garden – the inside is perfect for winter and the outdoors is perfect for summer. And possibly the best thing about Café Komodo? It’s hidden down a laneway, so it’s got this special community charm to it, as most people continue walking to Cibo only a few doors down.

Address: 118 Prospect Road, Prospect

Parking: 2-hour car parking in the area

Wifi: Yes – ask for the password

Visit their Facebook

So get sipping! – As there’s only going to be more great boutique coffee shops added to the mix in the coming years!

Written by Amanda Smith, copywriter for Wicked Cow Marketing.


Adelaide Hills Business Centre – Tell All Meetup Report

I’ve lived in the Adelaide Hills all my life, including running my business from here, and I love networking and meeting new people so I was really interested when I saw an ad for the Adelaide Hills Business Centre (AHBC) pop up in my Facebook news feed. I tried to set up a hills business networking group a few years ago without much success (although I didn’t dedicate a lot of time to it) so I was sceptical that something like this would work all the way out in Woodside. However, after attending the Tell All Meetup at the AHBC on Thursday night and meeting lots of people from local businesses as well as seeing the awesome facilities they have there, I’m now confident that they will succeed!  The facilities are fantastic including a media production studio and conference room with interactive digital white board.

We’re looking to organise a Jelly event there soon so if you’d like to check it out, join us on Meetup to get notified.

Adelaide Hills Business Centre Networking

Adelaide Hills Business Centre Networking

Adelaide Hills Business Centre Networking