Copywriting & Marketing Special Offer

A copywriting friend of mine, Karen Zaskolny, has received some federal funding to be able to offer her expert services at a lower cost to local small businesses who are on a budget. More details below, I hope you find it useful. Cheers, Nick Morris

2 hour advertising consult only $55

I’m rapt to announce that the Federal Funding has come through which means I can help small businesses with a small budget, once again!

Maybe you’re looking at updating your web content, or your marketing materials, or your elevator speil. You may want a web review, or perhaps you’ve got some ideas you want to brainstorm. If it’s anything to do with words, I can help you.

Because of the Federal Funding, a 2 hour consult only costs $55. For more details, and to find out if your business qualifies please visit my website.


If you have any Qs or would like to apply, please give me a call, I’d love to hear from you. And please do feel free to pass this on to your small business clients and contacts who need some help with their web content or marketing materials and wouldn’t mind saving over $200.

Karen 🙂


Adelaide Business Bloggers Community

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We’ve recently created a group on Facebook called Adelaide Business Bloggers, now this is a private group for people who have blogs for their businesses or they write the blogs for another business, perhaps in-house, or as a copywriter or consultant – and this is a place where they can come together, they can share ideas, do a bit of sort of cross promotion, get some, you know, you can post your latest blog post and get some feedback on that.

And we’re hoping that this will become a vibrant community for people in Adelaide who have blogs for their business to, as I said, share ideas and information, and improve each of their blogs for everyone, so I’ll put the link below this video to that, and then you can go check it out, and we’ll let you in.

Adelaide Business Bloggers on Facebook


SEO is Not in a Vacuum Anymore

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The topic of this video is “SEO is not in a Vacuum Anymore”. In the early days of search engines, SEO pretty much operated within a bubble, however fast forward to modern times, in particular the last couple of years, and Google and other search engines have got much more sophisticated in the way that they rank websites and web pages, so it’s very difficult to be successful in SEO these days without incorporating other elements of the online marketing mix into your SEO, so there could be things such as content creation, I discussed content creation in many of my SEO videos, it’s a very important part of the process now, social media marketing, it doesn’t have an immediate or direct effect on SEO just yet, it will almost certainly in the future, have some effect. However, things that are shared on social media, content that you create that’s shared on social media can bring you social media traffic, of course, but it can also indirectly relate to your SEO if someone that has a blog or a website finds your content on social media that might impact a link to it, which could help you with your SEO, definitely.

And relationship building is also very important within the link building side of SEO, it’s much more likely that someone will link to you if they already know and trust you, and you have some sort of relationship, perhaps you’ve interacted online a little bit, interacted in person a little bit, or both, so if they have some sort of idea of this, then it contributes to the mix that they trust you a little bit more, they’re going to be much more likely to link to you, share your content on social media, mostly fair work to you so you may not necessarily be directly related to SEO, but then that could send you an offline referral, or a referral through a different avenue.

So the takeaway is always think about SEO within the context of the other parts of your online marketing mix, and never think of it within a bubble or a vacuum anymore.


SEO News about Getting Links from Bloggers

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXfQTFYS3KA&” width=”560″ height=”315″]

In this video we’re going to be talking about another SEO Tip concerning advertorials. A popular and effective way of getting links to your website is to reach out to bloggers within your industry and within your location, give them a free or discounted product or service that you offer, and then hope that they’ll write about it on their blog, with the link back to your website.

However, in light of a recent penalty placed by Google against a company in the UK, a flower company, which was using this sort of technique, you need to be very careful about how you approach this promotion technique moving forward. Basically, there’s two ways of approaching this blogger link building strategy.

One, is to make it very clear to the blogger that in order to get this free product that we want to give them, they have to write about us and they have to link to us. This is a manipulative and spammy way to approach this and it is the reason that the UK flower company received a penalty from Google.

The second way to approach it is to be much less explicit about what you want the person to do. So, basically, give them the product and say, “hey we’d love to give you this product, we want you to review it, we want ways to improve it, so we value your feedback. If you want to write it on your blog and perhaps give us a link then that would be great, but it’s not required.” This way if they link to you it is their choice and not a paid link. You should also encourage the blogger to make a note to their readers that makes it clear that while the product was given for free, their opinion is in no way distorted for paid for.

So this is the correct way to approach this, and approaching it in this way should ensure you don’t get any penalties, but you can still benefit a lot from the links and the promotions, in general, which reaching out to bloggers in this way it can bring.


Adelaide Entrepreneur Interviews – New Website

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny5-_bE931Y&” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Today, I wanted to do a quick video about a new website we’ve recently launched called AdelaideEntrepreneurs.com.au. This is a website where I go out and do interviews with entrepreneurs from Adelaide. This could be people at various stages in their business from just starting to running a business to having stepped out of their business to having just sold a business. I try to grill (nicely) these people about the process they’ve gone through to come up with an idea, how they knew it was a good idea, marketing, the highs and lows, surviving a business, challenges they face and trying to draw out as much information as possible that could be useful to other people in Adelaide who are thinking of launching a business or who are in the process of launching a business and trying to get it to grow and get it off the ground.

So head on to AdelaideEntrepreneurs.com.au and you’ll get all the videos that we’ve done so far and check out there regularly to get a new video when they come up.


Adelaide Business Events News

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This video is for Adelaide Business Events. We’ve recently launched a website which collects all of the business events happening in Adelaide and put in one place.

You can find them at adelaidebusinessevents.com.au. You’ll find a Google calendar on the front page with all the upcoming events, so you can plan the ones that you want to go to. There’s also a handy mailing list you could get on there, which will send you a weekly email with all the events coming out for the following two weeks. I suggest you check out these events and come along to one that’s in your area so go and have a look for something that fits your schedule.


Ep#39 – SEO Tips & News

Ep#39 - SEO Tips & NewsThis week’s podcast is a short one with some tips about SEO, information about some new websites we’ve recently launched and podcast news.



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