Adelaide Event Marketing Update


Currently people who are subscribed to our weekly business events email receive a digest of the upcoming event for the following 2 weeks, and they get that email every week. And what we’ve added now with some feedback from people is a new section within that email, which says ‘Open for Registration’ – so this is a spot where events that are further than 2 weeks away can be listed (because they are looking for people to register before the 2 week period, before the event actually happens).

open for registration screen shot

In order to get your event added there, if you have a business event in Adelaide, which is going to be relevant, then head to our website adelaidebusinessevents.com.au, and click on the submit menu on ’em, and fill in the form there with all your event details, and we’ll make sure we add it under that ‘Open for Registration’ section in the weekly email.

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