Adelaide Entrepreneur Interviews – New Website

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Today, I wanted to do a quick video about a new website we’ve recently launched called AdelaideEntrepreneurs.com.au. This is a website where I go out and do interviews with entrepreneurs from Adelaide. This could be people at various stages in their business from just starting to running a business to having stepped out of their business to having just sold a business. I try to grill (nicely) these people about the process they’ve gone through to come up with an idea, how they knew it was a good idea, marketing, the highs and lows, surviving a business, challenges they face and trying to draw out as much information as possible that could be useful to other people in Adelaide who are thinking of launching a business or who are in the process of launching a business and trying to get it to grow and get it off the ground.

So head on to AdelaideEntrepreneurs.com.au and you’ll get all the videos that we’ve done so far and check out there regularly to get a new video when they come up.


Stuart Austin from Syndeo.co [Interview]

Stuart Austin Syndeo InterviewIn this episode of Adelaide Entrepreneurs I interview Stuart Austin from Syndeo.co, an online system which connects learners and organisations. Learners gain experience and organisations find the right people.

Stuart is currently working out of the Majoran Distillery so you can drop in and find him there if you’d like to catch up with him. You can also email him at founders[at]syndeo.co and like the Syndeo page on Facebook.


Patrick Moody Interview – Founder of Themematcher.com

Here’s an interview I did with Patrick Moody, the founder of Themematcher.com which is a website that automatically creates a WordPress theme to match an existing website design to help developers save time and the less technical to get a matching blog without having to tinker with code.


Patrick also gave me a quick demo of how Theme Matcher works:



Majoran Distillery, Silicon Beach Drinks – Adelaide Entrepreneurs #1

This is a video interview with Michael Reid, co-founder of Adelaide tech co-working space; the Majoran Distillery, as well as the popular monthly networking event; Silicon Beach. This interview is also the first episode of a new project I’m starting where I interview Adelaide entrepreneurs.

Find all the relevant links over here. Check back soon for a full transcription.