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We’ve recently created a group on Facebook called Adelaide Business Bloggers, now this is a private group for people who have blogs for their businesses or they write the blogs for another business, perhaps in-house, or as a copywriter or consultant – and this is a place where they can come together, they can share ideas, do a bit of sort of cross promotion, get some, you know, you can post your latest blog post and get some feedback on that.

And we’re hoping that this will become a vibrant community for people in Adelaide who have blogs for their business to, as I said, share ideas and information, and improve each of their blogs for everyone, so I’ll put the link below this video to that, and then you can go check it out, and we’ll let you in.

Adelaide Business Bloggers on Facebook


Fix Your Page Titles – SEO Tip

This week’s tip is about page titles which is related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); the practice of getting more traffic to your website from search engines. Page titles are they low hanging fruit of SEO.

Your page titles appear at the top of the browser window when looking at a page:

page titles top of browser window


They also appear as the blue link when a page is included in the search results:

page titles in search results


Your page titles should include the keyword you are trying to target on that page. Many small businesses don’t do this because its not immediately obvious when you build a website and many web developer don’t tell their clients that they should be doing this. Its an easy change for a lot of businesses to make, it could be something you could do yourself or just small amount of work for your web developer.

This is a must do because it’s going to be very difficult for you to rank for a keyword if that keyword doesn’t appear in your relevant page’s title. Further, it makes it easier for a competitor to leap frog over you in the rankings if they have optimised their page titles while you have not.


Two Web Marketing Predictions for 2013 [Guest Post]

This is a guest post from Urszula Richards from onlineiq (who I interviewed for Episode 2 of the podcast) where she talks about a few of her web marketing predictions for 2013. – Nick Morris


I have just two predictions for this year, and I hope I’m right about them because they support the best business practices as well as genuine business relationship building. While not new concepts in the ‘real world’, in the online marketing universe I think they will reach their tipping point in 2013.

Both of these trends are driven by the strong need for genuine meaning and connection which we all have …

1) Brand Community Building

Businesses and brands will start to understand how important it is to nurture and cultivate their own client community. In fact, ‘client’ does not really describe it. ‘Tribe’ (Seth Godin, Ed Dale), and ‘Cult’ (Leela Cosgrove) are more to the point, where ‘customers’ become fanatically dedicated and engaged individuals who will market your business a thousand times more effectively than a 5 minute viral YouTube video can ever do.

Integrity, congruence and knowing what you are about and what you have to offer is both the key and your starting point. It will be a bit of a journey to discover how to tap into this ‘life force’ for your business, but its definitely worth it.

In terms of how this relates to marketing – the online medium (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and others) will be actively used to consolidate this and bind these brand communities.

2) Personal Recommendation Power

My second prediction relates again to connectedness. Personal recommendation by people you know (or who are in your circle) are gold.

Until now, testimonials, ‘likes’ and reviews have easily been able to either be purchased or rorted (fake reviews). I believe this will start to lose its power as site such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn have people you personally know (or know of) sharing their recommendations, and responding to requests for help.

People will start to understand the power of these recommendations as they themselves start to rely on it more. For example, I had a friend recently ask on Facebook a good hotel to stay in Sydney. Not only did one person respond with a recommendation, but another also said it was the best place she had stayed at. Now, next time I need a place to stay in Sydney (or next time someone asks me), this is the only place I will recommend!

The good news about both of these predictions is that if you keep your main focus on providing the best customer experience for your clients, others will do your marketing work for you – and at no cost to you.

Because you have already proved and earnt it.

Finally, not so much marketing related, but completely intertwined with the above two predictions above will be the drive of business owners finding their own “Sweet Spot” (Rich Schefren). The sweet spot is the *intersection point* of your passion, skill, interest and experience which when honed in on will not only provide the best business direction and identity for you (to feed into points 1 & 2 above), but make you immune to competition because ‘No one is more You-er than You” (Dr Seuss).


Urszula Richards runs a website development and marketing company onlineiq in Adelaide.

She has over 15 years experience in the online world including being one of the first Learning Technology Mentors @ TAFE in Western Australia, building an online community (Pink Sofa) from a spare bedroom operation to a successful word wide brand with 100,000’s of women, and has overseen the build of over a 100 websites for businesses, festivals and community projects. She started her own business – onlineiq – 5 years ago and is dedicated to increasing the online confidence of ordinary* business owners, so they can use the web to get leads, keep up with the competition and make sales. She also specialises in setting up processes and automation so your business and marketing workflows are integrated, reliable and done for you!

[She is not saying the business owners are ordinary! Just that they don’t need to be geeks to have a chance at succeeding online !]
You can view her work at onlineiq.biz or call her on 0413 606 463 to discuss your online needs.

Just Get Started Today

My web marketing tip for this week is ‘just get it started.’ If you’re the type of person who has lots of ideas all the time but has trouble getting things started then this tip is for you.

This video you’re watching now is a classic example of that. I’ve had this idea for months but just couldn’t get around to getting it started – things about equipment, finding the time to do it, what should be in the video, all these things were playing on my mind. This morning I just jotted down some ideas on a note pad, grabbed my iPhone and headed outside to record. I’m just holding the phone up with my hand and here we have a video. I’ll edit this, quickly put it up on Youtube then I’ll iterate, iterate, iterate in the future, build on this idea, get some better equipment, but, the  best part is I’ve got it started! That’s the tip for this week.

What are you going to get started this week? Let me know in the comments below.


Adelaide Web Marketing Predictions & Tips for 2013

I’d like to make January 3rd’s podcast episode a show about tips and predictions for 2013 and I want you (Adelaide Marketing Folks) to be a part of it!

Use the ‘Send Voicemail‘ widget over on the right hand side of the screen there —————————————->

to record your marketing prediction or tip or both and I’ll include it in the episode on Jan 3rd.

Make sure to introduce yourself and mention of your business or website and I’ll include those details in the show notes as well.


New Blog

I’ve decided to bring the blog over from its previous home at blogger to this website. WordPress is just a much better platform for blogging and running a website and I’d like to have everything under the one site.

I’ve had to do a bit of housekeeping though so be mindful of the following changes. I’ve added a podcast category which you can access using the link in the menu at the top of the page. Here you will find all of the podcast episodes. The podcast index is available by hovering your mouse pointer over the podcast menu item. The blog link in the menu now leads to a blog category which will contain all the blog posts. The home page of the website will contain everything.