Adelaide SEO Competitive Analysis Reports

Our competitive analysis reports allow you to quickly learn how your competitors are out ranking you and how you can equal and surpass them in the SERPs (search engine result pages). The report focuses on link building and ongoing content strategy which are the two elements of SEO that are hardest to master.

Price: $397 for 5 competitors

This is an advanced report for websites that have already been optimised onsite. We provide website optimisation services as part of our standard SEO process at Wicked Cow Marketing.

You can get a taste of what you will receive by viewing our industry SEO analysis summaries.

The reports cover the following areas;

  1. Ongoing Content Strategy
  2. Link Building

Each competitor is analysed and compared for the criteria listed in each section below. Then we give our recommendations for how you can replicate and improve upon the good tactics they are using and avoid the harmful and ineffective tactics they are using.

Ongoing Content Strategy

An ongoing content strategy will benefit many parts of your web marketing strategy including social media, branding, authority building and, of course, SEO. The SEO benefits are two fold; 1) the more content you add to your site the more keywords you have on your site and therefore the more search queries you will be relevant for, and 2) creating interesting and useful content will give other websites reasons to link to you.


  • Website has a blog or other venue to add regular content
  • There is evidence of regular content being added
  • Content is being utilised to improve SEO

Link Building

Link building is an important part of SEO because the number and quality of incoming links to a website is the key method that Google uses to rank websites that have similar relevancy to a search query.


  • Overall link profile – the volume, authority and relevancy of sites linking to them
  • Linking site types – the types of sites linking to your competitors
  • Linking reasons – the (likely) reasons that the backlinks have been given
  • Is there evidence of black hat link building

Overall Link Profile

The volume, authority & relevancy of the linking sites are the key aspects that will determine where a website ranks. We will analyse the strength of their overall link profiles.

Linking Page Types

We look at the types of pages your competitors are getting links from. Typical page types;

  • Directory
  • Blog Comment
  • Profile
  • Sponsors Page
  • Discussion
  • Guest Article
  • Site Wide Link
  • Advertisement
  • List with Links
  • Content with Links

Note: not all of these are unique page types e.g. ‘blog comment’ and ‘advertisement’ describe certain types of a page.

Linking Reasons

For some site types the linking reason is obvious but for most ‘lists with links’ and ‘content with links’ pages a deeper analysis is required. In this section of the report we determine the likely reasons that sites are linking to your competitors which will give us the information to determine how you can replicate them and get others like them for your site.


A common linking reason is that there is some kind of relationship or affiliation between the linking site and your competitor. Some of the common affiliations which lead to links include;

  • Client List / Portfolio – e.g. a web designer links out to his clients
  • Donation / Sponsorship – a company gives a donation and gets acknowledged with an accompanying link
  • Supplier / Retailer – e.g. a supplier or manufacturer of a products links out to the retail locations where it can be purchased
  • Deal / Discount / Special Offer – a deal/discount site such as Groupon includes a link in their page about the deal

Attribution Links

Attribution links are those given as credit or attribution for something the linked company or organisation has done other than produced the webpage that the link leads to.

Black Hat Link Building Evidence

Black hat links are those that are not natural and are intended to manipulate Google giving a website higher rankings than it deserves. BH link building strategies are inherently risky and we recommend that you don’t use them on your primary website. In most cases, websites that have black hat links have had them built by their SEO company without being educated on the risks.

We will also identify which black hat strategies your competitors are using in particular.


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