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Ep#26: How to Start a Podcast for your Business

5 reasons why starting a podcast can help your business and some tips to get started and make it a success

In this week’s episode I talk a bit about why I think businesses should consider podcasting, or just audio/video content, as a marketing channel.

Five reasons to start a podcast;

  1. Makes creating content easier if you’re not very good at writing, because you can just talk
  2. Allows people to consume your content in different ways and is also an opportunity to reach new audiences ie. through iTunes
  3. Interviews are a good way to leverage someone else’s expertise to create content
  4. Good way to network with influencers in your industry or related industries
  5. Good way to pick someone’s brain for half an hour



Have you created any podcasts or videos for your business?


Ep#24: Useful Tools & Software

Productivity raising and time saving tools and software I use regularly in my business and for my clients.






  • Hootsuite (Socald community – keep an eye out for Hootsuite and other events)


Be careful of ‘tool creep.’ Re-evaluate your tools regularly to make sure you’re not using too many that you don’t really need.
What tools do you use?


Ep#23: 2013 Predictions & Tips

Marketing predictions and tips from FlyingSolo, Top Aussie SEOs and yours truely, plus my reading list for 2013 so far

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years with some time off, but importantly some time and space to make some plans for growing your business in 2013. This episode is a bit of a mixed bag where I pull some predictions and tips for 2013 from a few different sources and discus them.

Flying Solo Marketing Plans

Five most popular 2013 marketing plan items from the Flying Solo thread;

  1. Content marketing (7 votes)
  2. SEO (5)
  3. Social media (4)
  4. Direct Marketing (3)
  5. Website update (3)

Two other interesting items;

  • Video Content Marketing (2) (Check out James Schramko‘s stuff)
  • Word of Mouth Marketing (2) (Discussed with Dr Martin Russell in Episode 6)

SEO Predictions

These predictions were compiled from a great crowd sourced article by Jason Mun. Jason organised Australia’s top SEOs to come together and give there predictions and tips for 2013 and I went through and pulled out some of the common themes which I discuss in the show and list below.

The Article: 2013 SEO Predictions from Australia’s Top SEOs

Top tips/predictions;

  • Google will continue to target spammy link building techniques – webmasters will move away from these techniques (tip: stop using these techniques, question your SEO)
  • Google Authorship will become more important (Discussed in Episode 11 with Tony McCreath)
  • Quality content will become more important (Discussed in the content marketing Episodes… 17 & 18 with Steve Davis and 19 & 20 with Woj Kwasi
  • Structured data appearing more in the search results (Discussed in Episode 11 with Tony)
  • Mobile will become even more important in 2013

My Predictions

Here are some of my own predictions which I will check back on at the end of the year to see how accurate I have been.

  • The downfall of Facebook and the rise of Google+ (tip: build on your own platform rather than someone else’s)
  • The continued importance of images in social media marketing (Discussed with Scott Linklater in Episode 10)
  • Video will continue to grow as a marketing tool
  • Relationship building/networking will become an important part of online marketing. We’re lucky in Adelaide to have lots of networking opportunities so get out your calendars and start taking down dates. (Here’s a list to get your started)

Read lots of books and other info

  • Getting things done by David Allen
  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Terriss
  • How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp (Adelaide science based marketing – Ehrenberg bass institute)
  • The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E Gerber
  • Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne

I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for your business in 2013. Let me know in the comments below, via the voice message widget on the right hand side of the screen or via our Feedback Page.