Coworking at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside

We were lucky enough to visit the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside recently for one of our regular Jelly Coworking Meetups. The AHBC provides a range of excellent facilities, services and events including meeting rooms, media production room, business meetups and the coworking space. They have a nice location in Woodside, right across the road from the Lobethal Bakery.

We had a nice turnout of 7 local hills businesses for our jelly event and we all enjoyed the space very much. We went to lunch together at Avalon which was great.

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Coworking at the Adelaide Business Hub (Todd Street, Port Adelaide)

One of our regular Jelly venues is the Adelaide Business Hub in Todd Street, Port Adelaide. The business hub has several great services for small businesses and startups including meeting rooms, discounted consulting, business support, serviced offices and coworking in the Hub Lounge, which is where our jellies are held.

Our Jelly meetups here are always good fun. Lately we’ve been going to the Greek Restaurant, about 15 mins walk away, for lunch which is fantastic.

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Todd Street Business Lounge

Jelly Coworking Adelaide Business Hub

Adelaide Business Hub Todd Street

Adelaide Business Hub Todd Street

Adelaide Business Hub Todd Street

Adelaide Business Hub Todd Street

Todd Street Business Lounge

Todd Street Business Lounge


Coworking at Servcorp Adelaide

Servcorp were kind enough the host us for the latest Jelly at their location at the top of Westpac House – the tallest building in Adelaide. Traditionally Servcorp have been leaders in serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms but they’ve recently started offering coworking, although certainly with a more “traditional office” feel than some of the other spaces we’ve visited. The facilities are excellent, the staff are very friendly and professional and the views amazing (see photos below).

Our turnout for this meetup was a little low with only 5 people attending but it was still a great day, helped along by our excellent hosts who gave us free jelly! We had a great lunch at the Banana Leaf Indian restaurant on Currie Street.

Servcorp also have regular networking events which you should find in our calendar and weekly events email.

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Servcorp Adelaide Wifi Speed

Eating Jelly at Jelly

Servcorp Adelaide Boardroom

View from the top of Westpac House


10 Reasons Why Co-working Will Benefit your Business

I’m sure you’ve heard of co-working. Freelancers visit these designated workspaces for the day to curb their “cabin fever” or when their local coffee shop is too distracting.

The good news is co-working isn’t just for freelancers. People don’t want to work in tiny cubicles anymore. Co-working, surrounded by dozens of passionate people, is the future of how business is going to be done. Whether you’re an independent business owner with a small start-up, a contract worker or you’ve got a flexible boss, you could benefit from co-working.

Here are 10 reasons why.

10 Reasons Why Co-working Will Benefit your Business

1. Meet new people

Co-working spaces typically have hundreds of members – which means you have access to all of these diverse business people. Being a freelancer, a contract worker or a remote worker doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. If you’re looking for advice, seeking inspiration or wanting to validate your ideas, you can do it at a co-working space. Think of a co-working space more in the relationships you’ll build, rather than just the space itself!

2. Support

While working from home is great, it can get lonely. Co-working is a flexible, social option to help you feel like you’re still “part of a team.” Renting a co-working desk allows you to work independently either in an open or private office surrounded with like minded groups and individuals collaborating with each other.

3. Professional meeting space

If you work from home, it makes it difficult to meet clients. Yes, you could go to their office or meet in a café, but it doesn’t exactly scream “professional.” Becoming a member of a co-working space means you have access to meeting rooms, big and small, to entertain your clients. You’ll also have access to technical support if you have any issues.

4. Ongoing professional development

Most co-working spaces run weekly events for members – and the public – to build upon their knowledge and network. Guest speakers come in and talk about business topics such as marketing, creativity, productivity, building a team etc. These events are a great way to stay connected, especially if you only use the space sparingly.

5. Work-life balance

Having a separate space to work from, aside from your home, can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working non-stop if you’re working from home – blurring the lines between work and your personal time. Using a co-working space will give you a dedicated place to complete your work. Plus, you’ll have fewer distractions so you’re more time efficient.

6. Find clients

You’re probably not going to find clients sitting at home – but in a co-working space you might. Lets say you’re a freelance graphic designer and there’s a web developer in the space too. You could team up with them and cross-promote each other. For example, when their clients need a developer, you recommend him – and vice versa.

7. Access to equipment

Do you need a printer or scanner for your business but you can’t justify buying it because you simply won’t use it enough? Co-working spaces have all the equipment you need to run your business – without the investment. You’ll have access to the latest technology, in return for your membership fee.

8. Save money

Renting a co-working space is much cheaper than a full office. Depending on the space, co-working can cost as little as $10 per day. Compare that to the cost of a 1-2 year office lease and the choice is easy!

9. Give back

Having access to not only shared space but also resources like mentors and peer-to-peer support is invaluable – irrespective of what industry you’re in. Having someone to support you through your journey and to be accountable to one of the biggest benefits of being a member of a co-working space.

Grab a list of all the members and reach out to the ones you think there might be opportunity to collaborate. It could be something as simple as grabbing a coffee and talking about any business challenges, and setting goals.

10. Have fun!

Many people who work in a 9-5 job find friendships in their co-workers – sharing morning coffees and talking about weekend plans. Once you leave this kind of environment, it’s natural that you’ll interact less with people. By joining a co-working space, you can bring that social aspect back into your work life.

Co-working in Adelaide

Adelaide is spoilt for choice for people looking to try co-working. You’ve got Hub Adelaide, Majoran Distillery, That Space, Sass Place and eNVIsion – just to name a few. You can visit all of these spaces and more by joining the Adelaide Jelly Coworking meetup group.


Coworking at Majoran (Jelly)

Majoran is one of our favourite coworking spaces to visit and it was great being back there again for the latest Jelly Meetup. Majoran is Adelaide’s coworking community for the tech and creative freelancer communities and startups. One of the best things about this space is the amazing community and events schedule. I’ve been along to many events hosted at Majoran in the past and met some great people and the coworking space is always welcoming and has a fantastic location. They also have a casual and friendly Friday night drinks which a few of us joined in on.

We had some new faces this time around which was also great. If you want to get involved in the coworking scene in Adelaide and try out the different spaces, join us at the next Adelaide Jelly Coworking meetup.

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Coworking at Majoran


Coworking at HUB Adelaide (Jelly)

HUB Adelaide is always a fun venue to visit and we’re glad that they’re a part of the Adelaide Jelly family. This time around we settled ourselves at the other end of the space to where we usually sit and we had a great turnout of around 10 people including some familiar faces and some new faces. HUB had some food left over from an event the night before which they put out on the bench and invited us to share which was great for a free lunch without leaving the space. We also joined in with their weekly wine-down event which was a good opportunity to meet some of the other members and have a chat.

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Jelly Coworking Hub Adelaide

Jelly Coworking Hub Adelaide

Jelly Coworking Hub Adelaide

Jelly Coworking Hub Adelaide


Coworking at St Pauls Creative Centre

Jelly at St PaulsFor the latest Jelly, we were lucky enough to be hosted at one of Adelaide’s newest coworking and creative spaces; St Pauls Creative Centre (corner of Flinders Street & Pultney Street). The turnout was a little less than expected (7 out of 12 RSVPs) but included some new faces which was great. We sat upstairs in the big open part of the building, which was surprisingly warm, but they also have a downstairs area with separated areas for teams/companies as well as areas for coworkers. The building has had an interesting history including use as a church (obviously), restaurant and nightclub. The interior still reflects its days as a nightclub but its in the process of being painted and the white definitely brightens things up (see photos below). The architecture itself is quite cool anyway and makes for an interesting space to work from.

The location is perfect with Hindmarsh Square, Rundle Mall & Rundle Street a short walk away. We had lunch in Hindmarsh Square at the food trucks that were there. Jade Monkey has also recently opened right next door and are apparently going to be offering food soon.

Facilities include;

  • Wifi (pretty decent)
  • Skype room
  • Lockers

More info, including pricing and better quality photos than mine below (:P), here: http://mdo.sa.gov.au/shared-office-space-st-pauls/

St Pauls Upstairs St Pauls Upstairs St Pauls Upstairs St Pauls Front Entrance


Coworking at eNVIsion Tonsley (Jelly)

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the awesome new eNVIsion incubator twice recently as part of the Adelaide Jelly Coworking meetups. Jelly is a free casual coworking meetup every second Friday at different spaces around Adelaide, more details here.

The eNVIsion Incubator and coworking space is part of the New Venture Institute (NVI) which is part of Flinders University and housed at the new Flinders at Tonsley location. NVI was launched in 2013 and is designed to be a connector between Flinders Uni’s students, staff and community and the business and startup community. Some other cool stuff from NVI that you should check out includes Venture Dorm and their events program.

Apart from hanging out at the space and getting some work done, they’ve also had some free midday presentations which we’ve been able to attend. The most recent one was a really interesting presentation about the future of technology.

We’ve got a few more jellies planned for this venue through the rest of the year, so if you want to check it out, join the group over here.

Great Turnout for Jelly at eNVIsion

 Jelliers at eNVIsion







The Space

The space is located at Flinders at Tonsley, Level 2, 1284 South Road, Clovelly Park. Its actually the location of the old Mitsubishi factory.


eNVIsion Coworking Space

eNVIsion Coworking Space

eNVIsion Coworking Space

eNVIsion Coworking Space











There’s still a lot of construction going on outside. I’m sure it will look much nicer when its all done.

Tonsley Flinders

Tonsley Flinders

Tonsley Flinders

Tonsley Flinders









How to Get There

Address: Flinders at Tonsley, Level 2, 1284 South Road, Clovelly Park

Google maps doesn’t quite place the location correctly using the address so I suggest you use this map and look for the turnoff below (view from heading South on South Road). Once you enter, follow the road straight ahead for a few hundred metres, then around to the right. There will be a carpark in front of you where you can park and walk over to the building above.

Flinders Tonsley Turnoff

Flinders Tonsley Turnoff



Adelaide Jelly Coworking Continues

I first blogged about Adelaide Jelly Coworking (‘Jelly’ for short) right after I attended the first meetup back in February 2014. We’re now in May 2015 and the meetups are still going strong. We’ve had several events so far this year and the rest of the year pretty much booked up already. We seem to have a core group of regulars, some semi regulars and some others that are coming and going all the time. This typically creates some great crossovers of ideas and projects and makes for some cool conversations over lunch, people helping each other out and bouncing ideas around. I (Nick Morris) have also started helping out with organising this year so that’s been a fun and interesting aspect for me too.

If you’re interested in getting involved, join the group on meetup to be alerted of new events: meetup.com/Adelaide-Jelly-Casual-Coworking

What is Jelly?

From the official Work at Jelly website: “Jelly is a casual working event. It’s taken place in over a hundred cities where people have come together (in a person’s home, a coffee shop, or an office) to work for the day. We provide chairs and sofas, wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of.

We like to describe Adelaide Jelly as ‘Free casual fortnightly co-working in Adelaide. Work from somewhere different, meet new people, visit co-working and creative spaces across Adelaide. Free WIFI. Bring your laptop.’

If you’re interested in getting involved, join the group on meetup to be alerted of new events: meetup.com/Adelaide-Jelly-Casual-Coworking

Jelly Venues

We’ve had the opportunity to work from many different coworking, creative and other cool spaces around Adelaide but we’re always looking for new venues. If you have a venue to suggest, please let us know via the form here.

If you’re interested in getting involved, join the group on meetup to be alerted of new events: meetup.com/Adelaide-Jelly-Casual-Coworking