Local Business Directories

There are many business directories on the web that you can submit your business to but some are better than others. We suggest you only focus on local business directories (Australia specific) and industry or subject specific directories. Adding your business to directories is a good way to introduce a new website to the internet when you’re just getting started and is also useful for;

  • Improving your local SEO
  • Sending some qualified traffic

Business directory entries used to be a good way to increase your website’s authority to improve your SEO but that is no longer the case. However, Google does still look local business listings to determine if your local business exists and should be included in Google Places.┬áDirectories can also send a limited amount of qualified traffic that might turn into sales.

Which Directories?

Start off with this list of Australian Business Directories and then look for any other directories that are industry specific and add yourself there as well. Be very wary of paid directories as they are rarely worth it. The only real way to know if a paid directory is going to be worth it is to test it out and see if the conversions generated from that directory are greater than the cost. If you are going to test a directory, try and negotiate a short trial period so you can see how they go before locking yourself into a longer contract. If the directory asks for a return link in exchange for a listing its probably a good idea to stay away from them too. These ‘link exchanges’ are considered by the search engines to be a low quality and manipulative strategy so its probably best to avoid it.

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