ABE Updates

Just a quick post to give you some ABE updates. The last time you heard from me I was complaining about Mailchimp’s terrible customer service but we finally got that problem solved and have been sending our weekly events email digest since the beginning of the year.

Obviously the in-person events space has taken a big hit lately with the COVID19 situation and we certainly echo local health guidelines to stay socially distant and practice good hygiene. We’re continuing to send our weekly email as many in-person events have now gone online and we’ve also relaxed our previous guidelines to allow webinars and other online events that we used to try and filter out.

Online events don’t have quite the same feeling as in-person but they have their own advantages and they’re also all we’ve got at the moment so I suggest you see what’s available and start putting some of them in your calendar and get involved! Many businesses will be experiencing a downturn but hopefully its not the end and online events can help you to get some useful information, such as;

  • Cutting costs and leveraging government programs to help you survive the downturn
  • Working better online or adapting your product/service for online delivery
  • Marketing ideas to increase your share of the shrinking market while competitors are floundering
  • Getting some solid plans in place so you can hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted and business picks up again

Support Local!

I also want to encourage everyone to support the local businesses around you in any way that you can.

A quick shoutout to IO Energy which are an exciting new energy company that have found themselves launching at a rather inopportune time but what they’re offering is so important and could help people save money in these tough times as well. They’re helping people lower their carbon footprint and reduce their electricity bills by utilising home batteries and clean energy providers. Check them out here.

Be safe and let’s beat this thing together!

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