Adelaide Jelly Coworking – Awesome!

I attended the first Adelaide Jelly Coworking event of 2014 on Feb 21 and it was awesome! The event was held at the Majoran Distillery’s coworking space in Grenfell street and saw a turnout of around 10 people.

What is Jelly Coworking?

Free casual fortnightly coworking in Adelaide. Work from somewhere different, meet new people, visit coworking and creative spaces across Adelaide. Free WIFI. Bring your laptop.” – from the meetup group page

Organiser Richie Khoo told me its called “Jelly” because when a group of people thought up the idea (in Melbourne I think?) and were wondering what to call it, there was a jar of jelly beans sitting on the table so they decided to call it that… I don’t know if I buy that explanation but its a cool name none the less.

Why is it Awesome?

Well, for people like me who usually work from home, its the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and work with some other people. If you don’t usually work from home, I think its still a good opportunity to meet new people and try working in a different environment. Other pluses;

  • Its Free
  • Its a good excuse/opportunity to explore Adelaide’s coworking spaces and see what they have to offer
  • You can find out about some of the awesome projects people are working on
  • You can meet like minded (and unlike minded) people and get to know them
  • Perfect way to end off the week

When & Where?

Fortnightly in a different space around Adelaide each time.

Get the details on meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Adelaide-Jelly-Casual-Coworking

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