Adelaide’s Entrepreneurial & Business Courses and Programs Compared

Getting started in business is about making contacts. Contacts come from a myriad of sources. One great source when you are just starting out is class. Not only will the connections come from the teachers you meet, but the folks you’ll be alongside in class.

In business school one of the things they tell you on your first day is to look right and look left. One of the people you see in class will become a leader in the industry and could be your best contact. With these classes, perhaps that leader could be you.

Adelaide Business Startup Education Programs – Contests

eChallenge: This competition is sponsored by the University of Adelaide. The challenge is for teams of two to six people to come up with business plans for projects which are not funded at this point in time. The workshops, mentor meetings, venture showcase and pitch day all make it possible to bring new ideas to life. Part of the requirements for consideration for this contest include:

  • One team member must be currently enrolled 
  • Team members cannot be employees of any of the sponsors
  • The idea must not have been funded previously

Adelaide Business Startup Education Programs – Classes and Programs

SAYES: South Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme: This program is all about providing skill building and confidence building platforms to young business owners. Guidelines for applicants include:

  • Must be between 18 and 35
  • Must have a business idea 
  • Must be in the early stages of building the business

MEGA: The point of this program is to bring together creative minded individuals in the digital content, mobile or ICT fields. They are looking for companies and individuals who can innovate and drive the marketplace. As this workshop is held on Tuesday evenings it is easy to attend and grow while focusing on growing your business during the day. At the end of the program there is a large scale pitch to investors and industry leaders.

Innovyz: Over a three month course, inspired entrepreneurs will learn from global teachers how to turn their idea into a reality. Not only will the business flourish but the end game with Innovyz is to then become a part of a network which helps others flourish. Great minds can come together and create world changing tools, with the right support, the right business model and the right innovation. There will be ten companies selected to relocate to Adelaide to grow their business through the funded accelerator program.

Venture Dorm: In twelve weeks this program aims to take students through a flipped classroom model of learning. In order to find a sustainable and actionable business model students are immersed in a rollercoaster of learning which acts as the foundation for a life of creating business. Working directly with mentors who have “been there, done that” students learn what to do and what not to do.

Young Business Leaders SA: This ten month program teaches students to be leaders in industry. Not only will they be challenged to reach their potential but they will network with other students and industry professionals. Graduates of this program will walk out with a Diploma of Management from the Australian Institute of Management.

New Enterprise Incentive Scheme: A program started by the Australian Government, this initiative is designed to bring education to job seekers and small business entrepreneurs. Working with suchorganisations as TAFE Small Business Centres and Business Enterprise Centres students will explore real world issues. Not only is this program funded for the student but for the business which springs from the program. Applicants for this program must be registered with the Disability Employment Service or Job Services Australia.

Business SA Coaching and Mentoring Program: A ten month program for those who have been in business for over two years consecutively, this program aims to help students grow in the market. Through networking, coaching meetings and small class sizes the ability to thrive comes to fruition.

The University of Adelaide: Higher education provides a sound basis for entrepreneurs. Not only will you be able to follow your passion but you learn all aspects of being a smart innovator. For students looking for a Bachelors or Masters degree this university has the tools to guide you to future heights of industry. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Degrees:

  • Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Adelaide Business Startup Education Programs – Weekends and Workshops

Startup Weekend: If you have a great idea, this event helps you get it off the ground in 54 hours. The busy weekend brings together industry experts and entrepreneurs. Learn about launching new websites and new products. Over 30% of all the ideas which form here, are still going strong in the real world. Additionally, as this is one weekend it may be more affordable and more convenient than a class which lasts several months.

Which Program is Right for You?

Finding the right program depends on where you are in your education and where you are with your business. It is smart to find a program which makes you think, which inspires and which helps build confidence and connections. When you want to grow your business fast is good but strong is better.

Weekend programs and contests are great for those who are running with an idea and want to throw it out to the masses. Does it work? Can you communicate every point of the program or product? Do people want it? These are things you will find out in a high energy weekend or workshop.

Longer workshops are ideal for those looking to formulate an action plan. You will have time to process ideas, to try them out and to build upon them. Additionally, for those who come off as a bit timid or cynical at first a longer program could help establish the trust and the connections you need in the industry.

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