Coworking at Servcorp Adelaide

Servcorp were kind enough the host us for the latest Jelly at their location at the top of Westpac House – the tallest building in Adelaide. Traditionally Servcorp have been leaders in serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms but they’ve recently started offering coworking, although certainly with a more “traditional office”¬†feel than some of the other spaces we’ve visited. The facilities are excellent, the staff are very friendly and professional and the views amazing (see photos below).

Our turnout for this meetup was a little low with only 5 people attending but it was still a great day, helped along by our excellent hosts who gave us free jelly! We had a great lunch at the Banana Leaf Indian restaurant on Currie Street.

Servcorp also have regular networking events which you should find in our calendar and weekly events email.

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Servcorp Adelaide Wifi Speed

Eating Jelly at Jelly

Servcorp Adelaide Boardroom

View from the top of Westpac House

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