Ep#27: A Few Productivity Tips

While not marketing related, productivity is an important part of running a business so these tips might help to give you the edge

In episode 27 I attempt to do a short show (more difficult than it seems) with a few productivity tips I’ve found useful for increasing the amount of stuff I can get done. They’re not strictly related to marketing but they are relevant for small businesses and are related to the web so here they are;

  • Gmail filters to file away potentially distracting emails such as newsletters
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen – organise all tasks and projects you need to do in one place to free your mind and make sure everything is accounted for
  • Evernote has become the key for my implementation of the GTD methods – I can make notes wherever I am such as out and about, at an event, at home, in the office using whichever device is easiest. The notes all go into my ‘inbox,’ then I make time each week to clear my inbox and file all the items away into their right places

Gmail Filters, Getting Things Done, Evernote

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