Ep#29: Using Google+ for Creating Content & Building an Audience

Using Google+ for creating content, building your audience and connecting with people

In this week’s Episode I chat with Frazer Kirkman, a wellbeing coach in Adelaide, about how he has been using Google+ and Hangouts to create content, connect with his audience and build a bigger audience. Of course we had to do the interview itself on a Google+ Hangout and you can watch that below. You can also download or stream the audio only at the bottom of the post.


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Nick: Looks like we are on! Welcome back to the Web Marketing Adelaide video show. Today, I’m doing a special show, we’re doing a Google Hang Out video interview with Frazer Kirkman about how he’s been using Google Plus Hang Outs in his business. So, it’s kind an appropriate medium for discussing this subject. Good day Frazer, how you doing?

Frazer: Very well. Thanks for having me.

Nick: No probs. So, we haven’t got much of a big plan for this interview which gonna sort of go, you are actually much more familiar with how the technology works than I am, so, before this we had a little bit discussion about how things work and that. So, I’m still learning as well so I’m just gonna ask some questions which might be able to help me but also my listeners and hear a bit about your experiences with the technology and how things are going. Let’s get started with why don’t you just tell us a little bit about yourself, about your business, your projects you are working on at the moment?

Frazer: Great, thanks. So I’m the well being coach. I have a Cognitive Science degree. I’m passionate about the human mind and mental plasticity, so I help people with performance enhancement, mood enhancement. So, helping for many things from sports or business, prowess to communications and relationships to happiness and laughter and tranquility. I really like to feel as if knowing the core of transforming human behavior I can help anyone with anything. I run some different events around Adelaide and we also have a sanctuary in Aiden Hills called Aiden Sanctuary. We have events here and guests here, and I also have a wider network of people from around the world that I’ve done work with, which is why I use Google Plus, so I can do guided mental training sessions with anyone, any time, wherever they are.

Nick: Fantastic! How did you first get on to the Google Plus thing because many people probably haven’t even really heard of Google Plus, so how did you sort of first discover and get onto it?

Frazer: There’s two real motivating forces. One was, I made a lot of videos, I had my camera out, I filmed motivation talks and you know we all have busy lives, put the camera down, on to the next thing. The videos is just seen on my camera to take the time to edit it that it’s you know, it’s just one actual little step which can be something that can get in the way of publishing and producing. I got on Google Plus and I sort of hang outside the option to just like post and all of a sudden, all of the stuff that I have been wanting to do spontaneously, I could just do it, just talk to your friend, record it, publish it and that just covered hindrances out of the way, just lets you be spontaneous and creative cause that was a big motivator for me. Also I was spending a lot of time on a particular social network last year, that while I was connecting in really positive ways and inspiring people in the ways that they were into, just helping where the conversations were going, it wasn’t necessarily me really express myself in the best way.

So, I wanted to find another social network, where it was more focused on success, futurism, human potential and I find a lot of people who migrated over to Google Plus, forward thinkers, leaders, fairly adopters. So, there is an environment of more positivity and more success there, which is what has worked for me and I’ve also seen my own personal habit is that, while I’m using Google Plus, I’m thinking of building goodness, whereas other social networks have been just a social thing for me, which isn’t necessarily bringing out your best side. So, it’s been a fresh start for me to create my own online presence and new, in the way I use it.

Nick: Yeah, that actually sounds really great what you’ve said there. As a Google Plus user, of course I have to agree with you being a Google Plus user is forward thinking and positive in that way, so that’s good to hear. But certainly the stuff you’re saying about breaking down barriers and making it really easy to just put that content out I can totally relate to that and also from my experience with other business owners and clients and stuff, where it’s for things like, for example, like blog posting or something, where it’s sort of a thing where you just have to sit down and you have to think of what to write, you have to write it and dad a dad a da, there are always steps involved and videos as well you know. You have to edit it dad a dad a, but just being able to switch on a camera, get your thoughts out and then it’s there, it’s done. The ease of use, yeah that sounds like a very big positive as you said. Won’t you tell us a little bit about some other ways you’ve been using to Google Plus hangouts? What kind of videos have you been making and how you’d been using them?

Frazer: Mostly, it’s been morning well being sessions. So, people join and I got a relaxation or positive thinking training or some kind of visualization to get people in a good mood or to create a positive habit. That generally being for going about 15 mins to half an hour, still a little dose of positivity to get your day going and also, I designed it so that the positive things you cultivate stay with you. It’s not just a pump up session, it’s an idea of yourself being more pumped up or whatever ways you want to be better. I’ve always said you use that first time interviews, I don’t just use it for streaming you can also just have it as a private conference if you want to just chat with ten people or have a meeting and there’s a whole bunch of little toys on the side. You can put funny glasses on and you can put a little halo on. So, what I’m doing really, are uplifting things, I’ll put that there, makes everyone laugh.

One thing I’ve also found is really good, not only this, go up on your youtube channel straight after, but you can probably see at the top of your screen, it says, how many viewers are watching live? We are actually streaming live, which is a really nice feeling, like people join and it’s good to have them there, but to know there’s other people watching as it happens? Sure I can smile and I’ll know that in the future, people smile but somehow, like sending out something nice and inspiring and knowing that other people are getting it, right about that moment, I don’t know, it can make, this makes me extra feel good.

Nick: No, that’s a really great point actually. I mean cause it turns it’s not just a video, it’s a live event, if you’re getting people involved with you. I’m looking up now, we got zero viewers, which is not particularly surprising.

Frazer: But you didn’t promote the event…

Nick: I didn’t promote the event or anything like that, but you’ve been getting obviously been getting some viewers on your videos. Did you promote it or you just sort of find people?

Frazer: I’ve been doing it regularly, so there’s people who know to tune in each day and the only promotion so far is just been me talking about through Adelaide but as I get more established with the schedule and things I’m going to promote them as well. Another thing, Google Plus isn’t just hang outs, it’s obviously got the whole social networking side as well, so you can create an event that people would book to go to the event, which you can use just to promote your real world business meeting or your real world party but you can also create an event that’s a purely online event.

So, you can promote in events, people be there ready to join the hang out and yeah. So, that’s definitely one thing I’ve been thinking about setting up an online schedule for people to be out at joining events and book the kinds of workshops that they really want to be a part of. So yeah that’s the events up side of Google Plus and there’s also the whole world sharing, tagging and communities side of it that you see on the other social networks. So, you get to find out the communities that have things in common, post up some good videos, start interesting conversations, invite similarly minded people to work together, yeah it’s been really good. And like I’ve seen it’s potential and it’s still a matter of time where I grow and where I take it.

Nick: And this kind of a tool and you can figure out the best part of use it for yourself. Coming from that podcasting side of things and from my broadcast and listening to other people giving advice, seems that the schedule thing and thing regular can really make a difference to people who are tuning in, especially live or the people that are just coming back each week to view the new content. So, I think that’s really gonna be a good K. Have you been fairly regular by the sounds of things but not with the set schedule?

Frazer: Every morning sometimes between 7 and 7:30. At the moment, I have a lot of people here staying at the sanctuary so it’s a matter of coordinating everyone to get in at the right time. So, you’re getting in more defined schedule for the sanctuary so it matches the online events sort, that’s what I’ve been figuring out how to collaborate that with our guests. Every morning, I’ve done a session and so as long as the people watching us are sort of patient, they get something online ready to watch. Yeah, there’s been people there waiting for us, so it’s great!

Nick: Well yeah, that’s great and as I understand it there’s, you mentioned viewers, people just viewing and obviously us doing interview on this case and in your case it’s usually just you, there is also people that can join in and also interact with you? Do you have that as well? Is that right?

Frazer: I think on your youtube channel, you can have typed interactions but I haven’t played with that feature yet. We could have up to 10 people here in this conversation, so that’s the people who have joined in and there’s the viewers. That’s all I’ve been working with now but I have seen on the youtube channel, channel settings, one of the options is to be a blogger, video blogger and their it says there are discussions and interactions. I’m yet to experiment with it.

Nick: Wow yeah, but there’s more out there which is even more exciting and with the people that can come into the conversation, like up to 10 as you said. Do I have to invite them in or can I just join or can you set it to let us join or…?

Frazer: The way Google Plus works is, any time you want to post, you can post it to individuals to circles that you have created, so you might have a circle, Adelaide business colleagues or global business colleagues or relatives, and you can post to anyone of those circles which has whichever people that you’ve chosen. You can also post publicly, so for your world post or for your events or for your hangouts you can always choose who’s invited and then they’ll see their invite and click on yes. If it’s public, then it will come up on the list of public hangouts that they can come in and join.

Nick: Good stuff. Let’s talk a little bit about technology now like the different tools that you need to get started with this. I’ve put myself up on the screen now, people watching the video can see I’ve got a headset on for my sound but with your video you’ve got no headset going on there. How are you doing your sound?

Frazer: It’s just, I’m on my laptop and it’s just the laptop sound and the built in laptop microphone. It’s so easy, I’ve got nothing, it’s the only tool that I use right now.

Nick: Yup, and you mentioned before that you have an external microphone that you…?

Frazer: Yeah, one morning, someone mentioned that they felt like the sound quality wasn’t so good because I have the laptop sitting a few meters away from us. We had about six people here so I put it away to be able to see. The sound was ok but if someone’s trying to meditate to relax it maybe wasn’t as crystal clear. So, I also have a microphone I can use it if I want my computer to be further away. It has a shorter pickup range so it gets my voice a little sharper. It’s not as loud but it gets more distractions but I guess to me, also it’s got a long cord so I could put the computer away to have a wide angle shot and still be able to hear me.

That’s the only thing I found really useful at the moment. Actually, one other thing when I mentioned having lots of people is, there are some people who have been coming to our events who haven’t gotten onto Google Plus, don’t know how to do it or something and they’re in to stay and I haven’t had the time to step through the few clicks that it would take for them. So, they’ve been using other voice things so, other chat programs, so I’ve had them chatting in the background.

They happen to hear us, they can’t see us, unless they look at the youtube live stream, but they’ve been able to discuss with us, listen and be part of it, even though we can’t see them. So, it’s been really good for me, having people here, people on audio and the people in the hangout. I’ve had one or two mornings where there was enough people here at the sanctuary that we couldn’t fit in the screen so they just opened in on the Google Plus and join us from the next room. So, we had multiple inputs from the same event, which was nice because we could zoom in on the different people and instead of having to look next to each other, we could look straight at each other and then afterwards we get to hangout in real world. So, it works kind of this merging between a virtual and the actual, which was good.

Nick: Wow yeah, as you’re talking I can see all these ideas going around in my head about how you could use Google Plus to bring together events. Typical things that people say these days with the internet is that people are getting so individualized and now we’re staying home and it’s no community but something like Google Plus, it’s just you can definitely see how you can connect with it and then how you can drive offline interactions as well and yes, really an interesting medium.

I think going forward, as it gets more popular as perhaps maybe Facebook starts to piss more people off and more people start looking for a different option and you know Google Plus and maybe we might really start to see some other thing, interesting things that are people doing with Google Plus and I’m already saying, certainly with the SEO’s base there’s quite a few people pretty into it, being a Google product. The SEO’s are always getting on top the Google things there?

Frazer: I’m constantly being surprised by the little ways I’ve been seeing them integrate it into their other Google products. My calendar, Google Calendar that I’ve had for years now has embedded the options to add a Google Hangout, to any event. My Google Hangout Google Plus chats are just becoming part of my emails, it’s just totally, seamlessly integrated. It just works so well with anything I want to organize, it’s beautiful.

Nick: Yeah, it’s really interesting. I mean, anyone that go on Gmail find their own Google Plus even if they don’t even know it yet. They could just create an account, if you’ve got Gmail, you probably have a Google account. If you’ve, got a business a Google Plus, Facebook page for your business. They are really pushing it through all the different products, so I think it’s only a matter of time before more people will start using it and start seeing more interesting stuff happen with the videos and the Google Plus Hangouts can be really interesting. That’s pretty much all I have to discuss. Do you have anything you want to add Frazer before we…?

Frazer: I’d love if you could include a link to a youtube channel the, United Visionaries after its merely easy cause it is youtube to just put on a little annotation that says a link to our front page to be able to just click on it here.

Nick: Will do.

Frazer: Yes, it is so easy to do. Yeah, all the other youtube video features are there for editing like you can cut bits off the end, you can put in links and annotations. You can link people to the set 2 minutes into the interview for them to watch just a snippet. It’s just great, yeah so if anyone’s interested in some coaching in Adelaide for some live coaching or live laughter sessions, look me up frazerkirkman or if you’re interested in online sessions or some online private coaching yeah you’ll see the link to our youtube channel and join us through there. Thanks for the interview, it feels very good.

Nick: No, that wasn’t bad. Thanks for coming on, some really it’s great to pick someone’s brain. He’s already using the medium and see what’s working for them and it’s so easy I love the ease of use as you mentioned earlier on in the interview and I’ll be putting all this up as a podcast. I’ll be taking the audio and putting it as a podcast but also the video up and it will go up on our website we’ll have links to your Facebook sort of your Google Plus page and your youtube account there so and your website as well as you like and then people can go find out more about you if they want to get involved and to see what you are doing. So, yeah thanks very much for coming on this interview, it’s been fantastic having you.

Frazer: Thank you very much


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