How to Target Long Tail Keywords for SEO

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In this video I’m going to explain the two different methods you can use to target the Long Tail of search within your industry. There’s two basic ways of targeting the Long Tail of search with your website.

Number one is to identify a specific amount of phrases, which have enough traffic to make it worthwhile to target them specifically. One way of doing this is to go to Google’s keyword research tool, which I’ll link to below this video, and this tool will allow you to type in keywords, either long tail phrases, which you think people might be using, or just type in a search keyword and it will give you some suggestions, then it will tell you much traffic on average these particular search terms have each month on Google, and you can actually use this to determine which keywords you want to target and which keywords you’ll perhaps leave to later and those that you won’t worry about. By doing this you can find various keywords to target on your website, which you may not have thought of before and they can bring in significant traffic especially when you start targeting lots of them.

Google keyword tool

The second method for targeting the long tail is just to write lots and lots of useful and interesting content and put it on your website. The more content you create, the more keywords, or the more words you have on your website, so the more chances you have for appearing in search results, it’s really that simple.

One caveat I should say is always, always, always, focus on the users and the customers when you’re creating your content. Never write your content for the search engines, always write your content and create your content to help the needs of your customers, your potential customers, your current customers, your general audience, and try and meet their needs with your content, don’t be thinking specifically about search engines when you’re writing that content.

–> Google’s keyword research tool

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