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I caught up with Caroline McLaren from HUB Australia to chat about the new HUB Adelaide space (opening in September 2013) and some of the events that HUB Adelaide are running up to and after the launch of the space.

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Nick: Caroline, welcome back to Web Marketing Adelaide and Adelaide Business Events. Today, we’re talking with Caroline McLaren from Hub Australia about the coming of Hub Adelaide Space. I call it Space in Adelaide and also some of the events that they’ve been working on. Good day, Caroline. Welcome to the show.

Caroline: Hey, thank you.

Nick: Let’s get started by you telling us a little about yourself and your involvement with Hub.

Caroline: Yes, certainly. I’m an activator at Hub Australia, which means I have the pleasure and wonderful opportunity of helping Hub gets started, so facilitating great for the community. We at Hub Venue, a lot of people talking about us being a co-working space, but we’re much more than that. We really are about the community and the networks that exist in the wide community and how we can progress together. My role essentially is to run the right kind of events and meet ups and opportunities for people to connect, so that we start to build the community, while before we even have the club house, the co-working space.

Nick: Awesome. If anyone who’s watching this, that don’t really know much about Hub or about co-working in general, why don’t you give us an overview of what the Hub model is? How it differs from others, from co-working type of spaces, and it’s generally, what goes at Hub to Hub?

Caroline: Yes, certainly. Yes sir. Co-working is essentially a shared office space, and rather than the typical stuff of the office models, it actually taps in to the social capital that the community has, so rather than that set up of going and sitting at your desk and not actually connecting with people co-working facilitates the connections in between people and the hub more or so a need [unclear]. Essentially, the co-working space as you walk in, all sorts of different desks, meeting rooms, boozy where the people would like to take private phone calls and big kitchen break cutters, so all the like conveniences of a modern office for those who know the Google kind of office experience, so that’s what we’re really going for in terms of physical infrastructure, but we’re taking it one step further and really look for ways to connect the community, so that they can start working on the projects together.

Nick: Awesome. In terms of Hub being different from other spaces, is there any some major differential points or?

Caroline: Yes, certainly. I guess Hub vastly at a global level is the international network of co-working communities. National Hub Australia also have made National Co-working Community, because we have knowing up and running. Sydney is just getting actually in the moment, actually in the Hub Sydney Space as we speak and obviously then the Adelaide later this year, so it’s unique in terms of the connections on that each national and international level. It’s also unique in terms of the membership base. Our members are from about from 50 different industries and cover all sectors: education, government, corporate, non for profit, so that kind of opportunity means that you can connect with people from all sorts of industry, so rather than a co-working experience unless would you mind going into a space where people have similar to your undertaking similar projects. You have the opportunity to connect with people from all different sorts of sectors. Then, another being process around flexibility, so membership is being month to month flow of type situation. Everything in the space is fluid on everything around. Yes, there is definitely an element of flexibility that we also provide.

Nick: Cool. Talking now about at Hub Adelaide specifically, what was the reason behind choosing to expand to Adelaide?

Caroline: The Adelaide ecosystem, in terms of enterprise and social impact, just taking off over the past few years. We have in advice start and begin there last year. They’ve attached to it for few years now. Obviously the Startup weekend came here last year and SS 48 said, this year in Adelaide. What we’re seeing is the brightening of the Startup ecosystem and it’s really an opportunity at moment for Hub Adelaide, I guess to facilitate this via Space where people can run memoirs and make a program and all sorts of events like that, but also starts, possibly, the connection across the different industries, I believe that are really tough for the develop to occur.

Nick: Cool. You are running, or started to run events in Adelaide even though the Space is opening until later in the year. When does this actually open in Adelaide?

Caroline: Yes, we were opening the first weekend of September. That’s pretty much from schedule, so it’s only a few months up now. The property is the corner in the [unclear 5:07] street, which was an old fashion show [unclear] photo, so there is a phenomenal space with really large ceiling and natural sunlight, this space is really going to be really great, space we’re going to be working for. On Tuesday, the 21st of May, we’re running the exhibition of showing of the designs that basically the community had created. Over the past three months, it was actually, since January, we’ve been running series of events. I think we’ve been ran at least ten, eleven events now. Anything from sexy salad, where people were bringing different ingredients to create a salad together right through the—yes basically tapping into the knowledge of the community to figure out what exactly we want from the Adelaide. All of that is sort of coming to life now. We just needed the designs; take some place through each meet up and seeing more and more networks involvements and people sharing their opportunities that they have with us. Thanks for the connections that they’ve been able to make for these events.

Nick: I’ve been to a couple of events that you guys had put on them and yes that tested the quality for sure. Are events going on up until launch and up until the Space open or is it ongoing as part of that?

Caroline: Most definitely, yes. At a Hub, we have up to ten events going at social learning events. Our learning events tend to have basically the popular of what we consider a need of a small business need, so we have a business design technology and health involvements. We continue to see those themes being reflected in the events that we’ve run right through the opening on September, so pretty much every other week will be running events throughout Adelaide over in the few months. Then, once it’s up and the running it will be full staying ahead. Other than speakers coming up from United States, on six of June, we’re running workshop at with David Rigs around ‘Perfect Pitch in Preventing [unclear 7:07] Audience’. David Griggs is a well known presenter and public speaker and coach in Adelaide. Then on first week of June, we’re running lane week co-working, so we’re running, pull out a date already where individuals have the opportunity to come and experience up pop-up co-working experience. Now we’re going to take it to the street, in [Pill 7:28] street on lane week co-working. For those who are weather [unclear], so there will be definitely indoor options, so in case it’s a little bit too chilly or a little bit too rainy.

Nick: Cool. Are these events just for people in the Space or are they for the wide community as well?

Caroline: Yes. These events are for the wider community. Both in terms of the events we’re running the meet up once in September and once we’re opened. We consider that our role will be done once people have their own connections, so we’re only there to facilitate that. We inviteall community members to come for these co-creation events, for this top up co-working events and once again well stay once this is over.

Nick: Awesome. Where can people go to find out more about the Space, where it’s going to be and the information and the announcements of the events?

Caroline: Yes. There are few different options, you can go to HubAdelaide.com is one way to. Also, visit our Facebook page which is www.facebook.com/HubAdelaide and we are on Twitter as well. One of the best ways to find out more about what we’re up to is we’re running a series of co-creation videos that will be launched basically every month, so we’ve got one already up and there will be one shortly. It’s also a really good idea to register your details at HubAdelaide.com to sign up for the monthly newsletters, so you know what events are happening, what opportunities we have.

Nick: Awesome. I’ll put all of the links that you just mentioned on the blog on Adelaide Businesses Events. We’ll also add the very next events to our calendar that are coming up to these events AdelaideBusinessEvents.com.au, if anyone wants to check them out there. Thanks very much, Caroline for talking to us today about Adelaide and about the events that are happening. I think you mentioned, since you are in the Hub Sydney Space, you wanted to give us a brief virtual tour.

Caroline: Yes. For the moment we’re in a pop up mode, so it’s kind of, I’m beginning to say, we’ll going to show you around. This is all our community here. You can see people co-working on different desks. We’ve got some great meeting spaces over here as well, opportunities for people to both hang out, work quietly an independently or even work alongside that kid, so that’s one starting about, starting to wave, so they’re waving to the camera. Yes, it’s all working pretty amazing here in Hub Sydney in our pop up mode. Our evening party is next week. Its great lesson here, that way we can create even better community done in Hub Adelaide.

Nick: Awesome. Congratulations with getting Hub Sydney open. It looks like it’s starting to get some people in there, which is fantastic and looking forward to Hub Adelaide opening later in the year. Thanks again for talking to us today, Caroline and have a good one. 

Caroline: My pleasure. Thank you.

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