Review of The Entourage’s 8 steps to Sales Mastery & Entrepreneurial Success

This report contains notes that event participant Luis Penascoza prepared for time poor entrepreneurs at the Majoran Distillery tech coworking space and kindly allowed us to post here as well.

The event is advertised as follows;

Learn directly from Petar Lackovic, who has generated over $1 billion in sales, and Lorraine Murphy, a BRW Top Young Entrepreneur to Watch member, how to boost sales as a start up and build a multi-million dollar company.

The event was held all over Australia and brought to Adelaide with the help of DVE Business Solutions (I interviewed Jo Shanahan from DVE in a recent podcast).

Here are Luis’ notes;

Hey Everyone. I went to The Entourage Sales Mastery Course today and thought I’d share the valuable info I learnt at the event since most are time poor to attend.

*The day started off with the reasons, why we are doing what we are doing. “Why” – Personally, for me it’s Freedom in the form of – finance/time/control.

*When you approach any activity in building your business, always approach it with the right mindset. Skill sets can only get you so far.

*As a business or as a company, they suggested to reach for Love Mark status.

* When building your A team, recruit for personality rather than skill. Skills are easy to teach but teaching a personality is hard.

* When approaching decision makers, don’t come off as a wuss. Be the expert and the leader that provides them a solution to their problems.

* Record top 3 objections you get when pitching or presenting. Address and incorporate those objections into your presentation.

For the sales side of things.

– Create the mindset of a buyer.
– The key is not to sell, but to address the problems of your buyers.
– Your role is to know how your customers buy.

SALES PROCESS 8 steps process

– Positioning Strategies
– Opening Strategies
– Buying Strategies
– Solution Strategies
– Promotion Strategies.
– Challenge Strategies
– Start Strategies (don’t use closing strategies) Use “Lets get you started”.
(closing sales is old, time to change mindset and start the sales process).
– Referral and request business strategies. Always seek referrals and suggestions from your buyers.

For more sales and selling tips, check out this interview I did with Tony Manto about his small business selling process.

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