SEO Effect of New gTLDs

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In this video I’m going to explain the possible impacts to SEO of the new gTLDs – that’s generic top level domains.

In my most recent Web Marketing Adelaide podcast episode, episode #40, I interviewed Shaun LeCornu from Slam Strategy. Shaun is very up to date on the new gTLDs coming out onto the marketplace – this includes branded top level domains such as .coke ; .mcdonalds ; .google ; plus things like city names, .adelaide ; .sydney ; .melbourne, and more generic things like, .pizza – so you could have a local pizza shop, which has the domain name: yourbusinessname.pizza.

So this is definitely going to change the landscape of URLs and domains, it’s going to be very different to what we have now where there is a very limited number of top level domains – such as .com, and .com.au, country specific ones, and the more generic ones, .org – so it’s going to have a major impact.

Shaun is very adamant that he thinks that its going have a big impact on SEO and that the people who have the ability to get these top level domains are going to have major advantage, as far as SEO is concerned. I’m not as convinced as he is yet, I think we’ll have to wait and see what the full impacts are going to be. The stuff I’m seeing coming out of Google (Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Webspam team) doesn’t suggest that they necessarily going to be giving a special boost to these domains, which seems makes sense to me because why would they give special treatment to those who can afford to pay more but don’t necessarily have more relevant or authoritative content? From a branded perspective, certainly this is Shaun’s area of expertise, it could have a major impact being to brand your name even more, and we’re just going have to wait and see what the impact is there.

But as far as SEO is concerned, I wouldn’t heaps worry about it yet, but we will really have to see how it happens when those domains come out in a few years time.

Thanks to the Majoran Distillery for the jumper I’m wearing in this video, more on that here.

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