SEO is Not in a Vacuum Anymore

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The topic of this video is “SEO is not in a Vacuum Anymore”. In the early days of search engines, SEO pretty much operated within a bubble, however fast forward to modern times, in particular the last couple of years, and Google and other search engines have got much more sophisticated in the way that they rank websites and web pages, so it’s very difficult to be successful in SEO these days without incorporating other elements of the online marketing mix into your SEO, so there could be things such as content creation, I discussed content creation in many of my SEO videos, it’s a very important part of the process now, social media marketing, it doesn’t have an immediate or direct effect on SEO just yet, it will almost certainly in the future, have some effect. However, things that are shared on social media, content that you create that’s shared on social media can bring you social media traffic, of course, but it can also indirectly relate to your SEO if someone that has a blog or a website finds your content on social media that might impact a link to it, which could help you with your SEO, definitely.

And relationship building is also very important within the link building side of SEO, it’s much more likely that someone will link to you if they already know and trust you, and you have some sort of relationship, perhaps you’ve interacted online a little bit, interacted in person a little bit, or both, so if they have some sort of idea of this, then it contributes to the mix that they trust you a little bit more, they’re going to be much more likely to link to you, share your content on social media, mostly fair work to you so you may not necessarily be directly related to SEO, but then that could send you an offline referral, or a referral through a different avenue.

So the takeaway is always think about SEO within the context of the other parts of your online marketing mix, and never think of it within a bubble or a vacuum anymore.

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