SEO News about Getting Links from Bloggers

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In this video we’re going to be talking about another SEO Tip concerning advertorials. A popular and effective way of getting links to your website is to reach out to bloggers within your industry and within your location, give them a free or discounted product or service that you offer, and then hope that they’ll write about it on their blog, with the link back to your website.

However, in light of a recent penalty placed by Google against a company in the UK, a flower company, which was using this sort of technique, you need to be very careful about how you approach this promotion technique moving forward. Basically, there’s two ways of approaching this blogger link building strategy.

One, is to make it very clear to the blogger that in order to get this free product that we want to give them, they have to write about us and they have to link to us. This is a manipulative and spammy way to approach this and it is the reason that the UK flower company received a penalty from Google.

The second way to approach it is to be much less explicit about what you want the person to do. So, basically, give them the product and say, “hey we’d love to give you this product, we want you to review it, we want ways to improve it, so we value your feedback. If you want to write it on your blog and perhaps give us a link then that would be great, but it’s not required.” This way if they link to you it is their choice and not a paid link. You should also encourage the blogger to make a note to their readers that makes it clear that while the product was given for free, their opinion is in no way distorted for paid for.

So this is the correct way to approach this, and approaching it in this way should ensure you don’t get any penalties, but you can still benefit a lot from the links and the promotions, in general, which reaching out to bloggers in this way it can bring.

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