Troy Dean from WP Elevation Presentation at Adelaide WordPress Meetup

Troy Dean WordPress Adelaide EventI’m really glad I went along to this presentation at the Majoran Distillery on Tuesday evening. The WP meetups, sponsored by Limesquare, are always great fun and informative, not even considering the fact that its free and there’s also free beer and pizza, but the presentation by Troy Dean at this meetup took it up to another level. Troy Dean, who grew up in Adelaide, is a WordPress speaker, coach and consultant and the cofounder of Video User Manuals which provide video training for WordPress and WP Elevation which is a coaching program from WP developers and consultants dedicated to building exceptional WordPress businesses.

The topic of the presentation was 101 Ways to Elevate yourself and Demand Higher Fees. If you missed it, or you’d like to see it again, you can find a full video of the presentation and an opportunity to download an ebook on the same topic over here. The presentation was extremely well polished as Troy has been developing and delivering it for many years. The tips were directed towards a WordPress developer audience but I still found heaps of tips in there that I think could help me in my SEO business; Wicked Cow Marketing. There were too many great tips for me to pull out a summary but here are some of the key themes I enjoyed;

  • Make yourself exclusive – with tips such as; say no to initial meetings, qualify to find exactly the right clients, dictate your terms of engagement ie. when you have time available for meetings rather than letting them (the client) dictate
  • Set up processes and stick to them
  • Automate as much of your processes as possible
  • Give the impression that you are above average so you can charge above average fees – including; don’t meet in coffee shops, dress sharply, don’t do too much chit chat and become friends with your clients (because then you have to charge mates rates)
  • Make the client feel like they are being looked after and that you have everything under control
  • Focus on how your solution can solve their problem rather than things they probably don’t care about such as plugins
  • Build your credibility – content marketing, email sequences, testimonials & references
  • Productise your services & don’t charge by the hour
  • Add value when you can do so cheaply and easily and make sure to let them know what you did and why

Troy also mentioned a bunch of books and tools and other great ideas. He also stayed after the presentation and hung out, took questions and shared more ideas and tips for a few hours more.

All in all a great event and looking forward to the next one.

Photo courtesy of the Majoran Distillery.

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