What is Long Tail SEO?

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In this video we’re talking about Long Tail SEO, that’s “Search Engine Optimisation.” Long Tail SEO is a concept not well understood by business owners, most business owners have a few keywords in mind, which they think of as the trophy phrases or the key phrases that represent their industry.

So for a hotel in Adelaide, this might be “Adelaide Hotel” or “Hotel Adelaide” or perhaps “accommodation Adelaide,” and these would be considered as the trophy phrases, the key phrases for the industry.  If a business doesn’t rank for their trophy phrase/s, they often feel like they’re not going to succeed, and if they do rank for these phrases, they feel like they very will succeed. The problem is that by thinking and focusing on only these head or key terms, trophy phrases, they’re often called, you’re missing out on possibly 80 to 90% of the types of keywords that could send you traffic and business.

This is where the long tail comes in. Long tail keywords are typically 2, 3, 4, 5 or more words long and are usually more specific to what the searcher is looking for. Going back to our hotel example, a potential customer might be looking for a hotel with the ability to add extra beds for kids, or one that has other child-friendly things in the hotel, they might be looking for particular types of activities, maybe a games room in the hotel to keep them entertained when they’re not out and about, maybe they want to stay fit and are looking for some accommodation with a gym nearby. There’s many different words that can be added to the core keywords ie. “hotel” to look for something more specific to what the searcher wants.

What is Long Tail SEOIf you actually graph this, for most industries, if you actually graph or plot the keywords and the traffic volume for each keyword, you’ll find that these head terms up one and a few of them get a little traffic each, however 80 to 90% of the total traffic for that industry is coming from the Long Tail – many keywords that don’t send much traffic each, but collectively they make up a huge proportion of the total search traffic for that industry, so by ignoring those, you’re potentially missing out on a large portion of the possible traffic and business.

In my next video I’m gonna explain the two different ways you can target the Long Tail of search for your industry with your website.

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