How can I leverage multiple keyword domains?

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In this video I’m going to discuss what you can do with multiple keyword domains.

In the past, Google gave a special boost to domains which had keywords in them when people were searching for those keywords. For instance, if you had the domain accommodationadelaide.com.au and someone’s been searching for the keyword ‘accommodation adelaide’ on Google, then this website, accommodationadelaide.com.au would have a special ability to rank above another website, for instance, you know, hotel.com.au/adelaideaccommodation.

However this sort of extra little boost that these keyword domains (exact match domains often called) had was largely depleted at the end of last year (the end of 2012) so I still see them having a little bit of an advantage, but it’s going to differ from market to market and in general, they don’t have as much of an advantage as they once did.

So many people who bought these keyword domains in the past, hoping that they could use them for their SEO, unfortunately now you’re going to find that it’s unlikely they’re going to be able to put up lots of little websites with your keywords then get them to rank more easily than putting that information in your website.

Certainly the recommendation would be to focus on your key website (your main website) and if you have extra content to put up there, rather than putting on different websites with these different keyword domains, put that content on your main website, just, you know, have your main website slash and then your topic (main website/topic) and put your content up there. And that’s going to have a better long-term effect on your SEO.

If you really do want to try and do out some websites with these keyword domains, and maybe do some experiments and see if you can get a little bit of leverage there, then this is something you can do, of course. I would try it carefully, don’t be manipulative, don’t try to do it manipulatively, be careful with duplicate content issues (which I have discussed in other videos), and make sure that any information you’re putting up on these other domains is unique, is also useful and interesting, and it’s better to have more than less – so don’t put up 1 or 2 pages, put up, you know, 5, 10, 20 pages and try and build it out as really rich resource on that particular topic, and then you may find yourself getting some benefit from that.

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