Just Get Started Today

My web marketing tip for this week is ‘just get it started.’ If you’re the type of person who has lots of ideas all the time but has trouble getting things started then this tip is for you.

This video you’re watching now is a classic example of that. I’ve had this idea for months but just couldn’t get around to getting it started – things about equipment, finding the time to do it, what should be in the video, all these things were playing on my mind. This morning I just jotted down some ideas on a note pad, grabbed my iPhone and headed outside to record. I’m just holding the phone up with my hand and here we have a video. I’ll edit this, quickly put it up on Youtube then I’ll iterate, iterate, iterate in the future, build on this idea, get some better equipment, but, the ┬ábest part is I’ve got it started! That’s the tip for this week.

What are you going to get started this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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