SEO for E-commerce Websites – Product Page Content Ideas

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In this video, I am going to explain the importance of content on your product pages, on your E-commerce website.

One of the big mistakes that businesses make, especially small businesses who have an e-commerce website, is they don’t put enough unique information on their product pages. Now maybe they have the manufacturer’s description just copied and pasted on there, or if they have more unique product, perhaps their own product, they just don’t put enough information up there, and a lot of businesses that we deal with (within our SEO business, Wicked Cow Marketing) have this problem, especially with small businesses that don’t have a big budget, but also big businesses who just don’t know what they’re doing.

So it’s important that you put as much unique, interesting, and useful content on your product pages, so that Google can associate all the keywords related to your products to that page, and anyone who’s searching, they’ll be directed towards that page on your website.

Now, if you’re wondering, you know, what kind of information can I put up on a product page? Then a great site to go and check out is an Australian business called The Video Guys – I recently bought a microphone from them and I was really, really, happy to see all of the great information on their product pages (I’ll link to the product I actually bought on the website here, below this video, so you can go check it out) but you’ll see things like: specifications, features of the product, 1,200 words of features, customer review (so this is usually a generated content), there’s also a Q&A section where you can actually ask questions on the product page and someone from The Video Guys will actually go in there and answer it (so that’s more sort of semi user generated content as well). And the thing with the reviews is, I actually got email about two weeks or so after I received the product, saying, hey, hope you’ve enjoyed the product, we’d really love it if you’ve left us a review on our product page here, and it’s actually incentivised with entry into a competition to win a prize – a $150 prize.

Product Page Information Ideas from Video Guys Website

So that’s another way that you can encourage your customers to leave reviews on your product pages, which is of course, content are going to be relevant and useful, and it’s a little bit easy than you have into do it.

So definitely go check out The Video Guys and see what they’re doing, and try and get some ideas for your product pages on your e-commerce website.

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