Should I Create a Page for Each Location I Service?

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In this video, I’m going to discuss the topic of should you put multiple pages on your website for each of the different locations you service or should you just use one page?

If your service is actually different in each of the different locations you offer, then this is a good reason for creating separate pages to target each location, because what we find is that pages that are targeted towards a location specifically (that is they have the location, and the title, and the heading, and more prominently within the content) will actually have an easier job ranking for that location if someone types in and say, service + location within the search engine, then your page will come up more prominently.

The problem that people often run into, is whether a service isn’t really substantially different for the different locations, its just that they offer in multiple occasions and Google’s official word on this is that, they’ll prefer if you used one page if the service is the same, so you have a one page about that service, and then you’d list the various locations where it’s available, also on that page. And this is Google’s sort of official position on this question, however it’s not necessarily accepted as the best scenario either for users or generally the right way to go for SEO either, so I am just going to briefly go through a few ideas on this, in this video.

So the idea being (you do not) you definitely don’t want to be in a situation where you’re creating multiple location pages, which are essentially the same, maybe just the location name is changed, because this is certainly something that Google doesn’t like, and it’s not going to be good for users either – it’s just lots and lots of pages that are exactly the same, when you could have the same page, and it would serve the same purpose.

However, in order to take advantage of that (I mentioned), it’s a little bit easier to target a specific location if you have a page in that location. A good way around that is to include some information on a specific location page, which is related to that location, and they can also help the users. So this might be some tips or something that is associated with your service (is not necessary) not necessary information for them to understand your service, but it can actually help them. And if you can find some tips or some other information, which is going to be useful for people in that location, then you can put that on the page, and now you have a good reason for creating separate pages for separate locations.

So you can, for one, getting more continuality, which is always good (as you’ll hear me saying often), but you’re also, instead of staying in the right sort of Google and then you’re providing unique and interesting information on each of those pages, as opposed to just copying the same information for each page, which is something I definitely don’t recommend you do.

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