Should I get a .com or .com.au for my Australian Business Website?

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In this video, I’m talking about an SEO question about whether you should use a .com or a .com.au for your Australian website.

Google takes geographic information into account when ranking websites; so this is both the location of the person making the search, and also the target location of the website itself. So if you have a website and you are targeting Australia specifically, and not internationally, then you should definitely be telling Google this so that you can make sure that your website will appear more readily for Australian searches.

Now how do you do this? There’s two different ways.

One, is to set the location within Google web master tools; and the second way to do it is, to make sure you get a .com.au for your URL extension. If you have a .com then absolutely you should be using the web master tools option. But if you got a .com.au, then it’s already taken care of for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

However, I also think a .com.au is useful for letting your customers and potential customers know that you are, in fact, an Australian business. When people see the .com.au they immediately know – hey, this is an Australian business because they are conditioned to associate .com.au in Australian businesses. If they see .com, there may be an element of doubt that gets in their mind as to whether you are, in fact, an Australian business looking out for the interest of Australian people specifically, rather than an international business, which targets a large number of locations.

So for that reason I think, absolutely, if you have a business targeting Australia specifically, you should definitely try and get a .com.au.

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