What is the Ideal Keyword Density?

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In this video I’m going to discuss the ideal keyword density for your articles.

People have been going crazy for keyword density for many years. And I think in the beginning, there probably was some way to it from Google that probably did look at articles and look at the density of a particular keywords in there, to try and see what the article is about, but their algorithms are much, much more sophisticated now, so you can’t really think of optimising a website in terms of keyword density anymore, so it’s just far to simplistic.

Google is looking at things like other pages linking into your page, and what those pages are about; looking at other words on the page, which are related to different keywords and how they relate to each other; and many other different factors. And they’re obviously also always improving their algorithms as well.

So my advice would be, do not focus on keyword density for the most part of your content, more focus on making that content relevant for user, making sure that it solves a problem for them, gives them interesting and useful information on your topic.

I guess one way that you could look at density as being useful is the difference between a 0% density and anything above that, so in order for the most part – in order for your page to appear in the search results for particular keyword, that keyword must appear on the page somewhere, so if you have a 0% keyword density, you’re going to find it very difficult to rank for different keywords. And this may seem obvious, but some people actually do, sort of struggle with this, so they don’t really realise until you point it out to them.

If that keyword does not appear on that page or in some cases, a synonym of that keyword can also work, but if there’s no synonym or no keyword on there, it’s going to be very difficult for Google to associate that page with that keyword. So you definitely should have a keyword density above zero for the keywords you’re trying to rank for, but beyond that I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Make sure the keyword appears on the title of the page, make sure it appears at the heading of the page (if possible), and make sure it appears in the content (obviously), keyword density above zero, and perhaps towards the top of the page it would be good to mention it, and then (just) after that just mention it as it is natural, don’t try and get an exact percentage, don’t think, you know, if you go over a certain % it’s going to have a negative effect, just use it as it appears naturally or is natural to have it in there, and this will be the best way to approach keyword density.

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